Son of a Gun(2014), Gold Gun Girls!

Son of Gun_Rating


Director: Julius Avery. Writers: Julius Avery, John Collee. Stars: Ewan McGregor, Brenton Thwaites, Alicia Vikander, Matt Nable. Durasi: 108 minutes . Year: 2014.


– No Oscar



Son of a Gun (4)

Brendan: The chimp, if it’s threatened or scared, will fight…and in some cases even kill its own.

But the bonobo, they just huddle together and fuck. Yeah, yeah, you’re a lover or a fighter.

In a prison time, a young criminal Jesse Ryan White aka JR (Brenton Thwaites) meet armed robber and top Australian criminal Brendan Lynch (Ewan McGregor ). JR learn that life in prison is full of danger. When his cellmate being abused by another prisoner called, Dave, JR feels that he need protection. And the time when his cellmate decided to suicided because being abused sexually over and over again by Dave, the threat come to JR afterwards. Brendan and his gang, Stelo & Merv see this as an opportunity to breaking the jail. Brendan offer a protection in 6 month prison of JR and ask a favor of JR after his release. JR still thinking about this offer, when Dave & his gang try to abused him, but Brendan come fast and help JR. Dave being killed by Sterlo(Matt Nable ) & Merv(Eddie Baroo). Safety come to JR in a price.

Son of a Gun (18)After his release from prison, JR met a crime lord name Sam(Jacek Koman). Sam provide everything that JR needs, apartement, money, fake passport, pistols and cell phone. JR also meet a girls named Tasha (Alicia Vikander), that Sam work with. Sam later give JR task to meet a Junkie & Illegally guns supplier named Wilson (Damon Herriman) in his nasty trailer to buy a guns. Later, JR needs a chopper to breaking the jail and save Brendan. After Brendan & Gangs prison break, Brendan find thet truth that Merv is abused sexually a child before going to prison, Brendan looks angry with him a abandon him from the team.

Son of a GunSam planning a heist of a gold in a gold mining in Kalgoorlie territory with Brendan and team. And as a reward of JR, Brendan added JR to the heist team. Sam provide everything that team needs to go in the mining. In Sam places, JR met Tasha again and seems JR falling love for her. Both later going to dining together. In the morning, Brendan knows what  happen last night and give JR a warning to stay away from Tasha. Brendan knows, if JR going further with Tasha, not only that heist project will fail, but Sam trust for him will faded to.

Son of a Gun (14)In the day of the heist, JR going into the mining office by breaking the air ventilation in the middle of the night and waiting till morning. When Brendan and the team come from the outside, and trying to come inside as a fake employee. The heist come fast and steady, even tough one momen, Josh(Tom Budge), one of the Sam’s crew get angry and shoot the employee. Brendan & team success to gain 6 gold bar and going out. In the outside, the security team waiting and start shooting, Chris, a race driver (Nash Edgerton) and a Brendan team member come and bring a car, later after car chase, Sterlo get a bullet in his body and dying afterwards. The team success bringing the gold to Sam places. Sam promises after he cash in the gold bar in Melbourne, he will give Brendan the money.

JR: What’s in Melbourne?

Brendan: That’s where Sam turns gold into money.

Son of a Gun (12)Sam then betray Brendan & JR. But they successfully escape and going to Melbourne to take the gold. They get the gold and bringing Josh as a souvenir. Josh later giving information where he put the gold. Brendan and JR take the gold and kill Sam at this place. Brendan trying to trick JR and getaway alone with the gold and the boat, but Tasha help JR by faking the real gold with stone. JR runaway with Tasha and promise to give Brendan money after they cash in the gold. Brendan agree. Brendan later get caught by the police after a woman in laundry knowing him as a crime person.

Brendan is being jailed again.Tasha and JR live happy together. Both give Brendan his share by putting it into a grave, and give the grave address with Tasha photo to the Brendan in prison.

JR: I’m done with this shit. Find
yourself another monkey

Son of a Gun (5)LIFE LESSONS

– If you want to remain safe, watch out your step mate!


– Nash Edgerton is a sibling of Australian actor Joel Edgerton (Black Mass, Warrior, Exodus:Gods & Kings)



Sex scene: Yes. Gay/ Lesbian: Yes. Violence Scene: Yes. Smoking Scene: Yes. Drugs Scene: No. Alcohol Drinking: Yes . Profanity: Yes . Gore Scene: No.

OVERALL: 21+(adult)


Son of a Gun (8)Playing chess is a good start to understanding life, even one bad moves can cost your life. So make every step count and carefully. This movie remind me how everything in a life is not happen by accident. You need to be smart in everything decision that you make. Political prison is not something new, but, only someone who has gone to prison will understanding it well. Life prison when your move is very limited you need to make alliance to someone, you need to know someone to make your life in prison remain safe, so in a real life. Every connection & alliance will be important. Never trust anybody 100% and always have a plan B, C, D even Z.

Son of Gun(2014), is Australian movie made, so don’t compare it to Hollywood made, because it’s different. Brenton Thwaites playing well here, as a criminal rookie, he can stand still with Ewan McGregor as a main protagonist. Alicia Vikander, a new star of Hollywood, come here only as a heroine, but the twist at the end of the film will you understand how important her role in the whole movie is. Overall, this movie is still watchable and easy to understanding, even in almost 2 hour duration, your time wouldn’t waste. The weak spot i think is come with the action scene, the cars chase & robbery scene should come more intense.


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