WARRIOR(2011), A Triangle Conflict in a Dysfunctional Family


Director: Gavin O’Connor. Writers: Gavin O’Connor.Anthony Tambakis . Cliff Dorfman (screenplay). Stars: Tom Hardy, Nick Nolte, Joel Edgerton. Durasi: 140 minutes . Year: 2011.


– Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role Nominees for Nick Nolte (as Paddy Conlon)


“Fight for Country”


Anticipating Southpaw (2015) starring Jake Gyllehaal this year, reminding me to re-watch other sport movie, Warrior(2011) – starring duo rising star actor, Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton. Here is my synopsis & my review;

Tommy (Tom Hardy, left) and Paddy (Nick Nolte, right) in WARRIOR

The addiction of alcohol in young age, lead Paddy Conlon(Nick Nolte) separate from his wife, and also his youngest son Tommy Conlon (Tom Hardy). Paddy spending his time after separate with his wife with Brendan Conlon (Joel Edgerton), the older son. Brendan later married with his lover, Tess Conlon (Jennifer Morrison) and having a little baby. Brendan families deciding to live independently, making his old man live alone.


Tommy whose losing his mother after a desease, decided to join US marines in Iraq. In the marines Tommy become a hero after some incident make himself saving his brother in arm in a tank. Tommy, instead of receiving a medal or a reward from the goverment and join forces again, dissapearing and hiding. Tommy later going to his father’s hometown and try to join in a local Gym. In that Gym, Tommy make a sensational win to Pete Grimes “Mad Dog” (Erik Apple), a local gym top fighter. Someone take a video on the fight between them and uploading it to the internet, Tommy’s fight video become a viral video on the internet.

Tommy Conlon: Yeah. Must be tough to find a girl who could take a punch nowadays.


After some time, Paddy already make a changes in his life. Now paddy join therapy session and stopping himself from using alcohol again. In the night Paddy find Tommy in his front door. Tommy said that he need a somebody to train him, because he wants to join a tournament of MMA. Tommy see there is nobody better than his father to train him, because in his younger life, Paddy already teach Brendan and Tommy to fight in highschool. On that time Tommy was undefeated.

Paddy agree to train Tommy on one condition, Tommy must respect Paddy’s rule. Both later working together, to reshape Tommy’s body and make him ready for a $ 5 million fighting/ mixed martial arts (MMA) tournament named “SPARTA”. Tommy using his mother name Riordan instead of Conlon in the tournament. Tommy wants to give the prize to Pilar Fernandez (Vanessa Martinez), the wife of his ex former US Marines friend in Iraq, which Tommy failed to save his life, Manny Fernandez.


Paddy Conlon: The devil you know…

Tommy Conlon: …is better than the devil you don’t.

SPARTA is a mixed martial arts tournament, held in the US. Held by the idea of a promotor J.J. Riley (Gavin O’Connor) to find the strongest man on earth. With 16 contestant to win a grand prize, a $ 5 Million, winner takes all.

Brendan who lives as a physics highschool teacher, getting a financial issue. Brendan needs a money to pay the house in 90 days, or the house will be taken. Brendan deciding to join a illegal fighting in a parking lot, winning some cash at first. But at the night he coming home, Tess finding Brendan face hurt and his body so messy. Tess angry at Brendan but support him to fight for the house and the family.

Later, Brendan fight become news at the school, making himself being punished by the school until the semester finish, without payment. Brendan frustated and angry at himself. Brendan decided to going to his former mate, Frank Campana (Frank Grillo). Telling his story to him and make him no way out than receiving him at his Gym and train him. In the final day before Sparta start, Frank’s main fighter is injury. Frank choose Brendan to replace him, Brendan see this opportunity to make a more quick cash to solve his financial problem. Tess who knowing this, mad at Brendan and telling him she don’t want to the the match.

Tommy Conlon: You’re trying? Now? Where were you when it mattered? I needed this guy back when I was a kid. I don’t need you now. It’s too late now. Everything’s already happened. You and Brendan don’t seem to understand that. Let me explain something to you: the only thing I have in common with Brendan Conlon is that we have absolutely no use for you.

Tess (Jennifer Morrison) and Brendan (Joel Edgerton) in WARRIOR.

In the first day of Sparta, before the game begin, Brendan saw Paddy and his brother, Tommy but failed to make conversation. Tommy see Brendan also, but deciding to see him at night. In the night Brendan and Tommy meeting in the beaches and find themself in a angry confrontation. Tommy still angry when he saw Brendan deciding to living with his father, rather than moving with his mom and Tommy.
Brendan also angry when he know that his mother die and didn’t attend his funeral. Tommy leaving Brendan in the beaches.

After the meeting, Brendan saw Paddy in his front house, Paddy try to reach forgiveness from Brendan after what he done in Brendan youth and whatever happen with the family, Brendan agree to forgive Paddy but suggesting him to leave his family alone.


Both of them making a final day at Sparta tournament, Brendan after defeated Russian Monster KOBA, and Tommy after knockout Mad Dog,  and facing each other in the final, who will win?


– A Responsible Man in a tough world

When every man born in the world, everything has providing to him by his parents. Milk, food, clothes, safe places; but when a man grown up, a man must responsible to everything that happen in his life. A man must ready to challange the world. To face a problem, to solve a problem, to handle a conflict, to survive.

Thats life.

A man must responsible for his work, for his passion, for his family, for his home, for his dream, because everyman is a fighter not only in a ring, but real fighter in a real life.

– Addiction could take your life

The research said that addiction will hijack your brain, controlling you and takes your life permanently. Either its alcoholism, sex, smoking, ganja, drugs, porn, shopping, internet, gambling or everything else its almost impossible to stop.

The people with addiction, though knowing about their addiction will not stop their addiction in a short time. Its need a strong will, commitment  and support from families and friend to stop it permanently. In the first phase of addiction, the addicted man will not really understand that they have an  addiction, in the second phase, they understand their addiction, trying to stop but always finding a way back to their addiction. In the third phase, its almost impossible to stop their addiction, because their addiction in a level of subconcious.

Addiction already ruin their life and their brain. The part of the brain already broken and impossible to fix it. People with addiction will seems like a stupid guy and mad man. If you or everyone else have a addiction, i suggest to stop as soon as possible, because addiction in the end of the day will ruin your life.


– Kurt Angle (KOBA) is a real fighter, He is a 1996 Olympic Gold Medal winner in the 220lbs weight category.

– The director, Gavin O’Connor portrayed J.J. Riley, a SPARTA Promotor.

– Actor Tom Hardy, gaining 13 kg for this role, after Warrior(2011) and movies villain, Bane in TDKR(2012).



Sex scene: Yes, not explicit. Gay/ Lesbian: No. Violence Scene: Yes, Very Explicit. Smoking Scene: No. Drugs Scene: No. Alcohol Drinking: Yes . Profanity: Yes . Gore Scene: Yes.

OVERALL: 21+(adult)


Three main character having same portion in this movie. Nick Nolte playing amazing here, for his role of a old man with a sins in the past. Begging for forgiveness, searching a redemption. A lonely man. Man with a lot of regret in his past life. A man who get a hatred from his own two sons. Nick deserved Academy award nominees.

Joel Edgerton play well here but, the outstanding performance is from Tom Hardy, who successfully portrayed a cold, mysterious character & “cold blooded killer in the ring”.




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